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Make friends with a super sleuth . . .

The Jennie McGrady Mysteries

An Award Winning Series

for Young Readers

and anyone who loves mysteries

In most ways, Jennie McGrady is a normal high schooler. She loves driving her mom's Mustang; she can't stop thinking about a cute guy she met; and she sometimes doesn't get the hang of school. Yet, she has a curious, insightful mind and a knack for getting into adventures that have helped forge her first-rate detective skills. Jennie's biggest case is trying to find her father. Along the way, she stumbles onto plenty of other action. Join Jennie in these tales of mystery and danger as she tries to keep one step ahead of the bad guys while living the life of an average teen. (Suitable for readers 10 and up.)


Exciting News!

Jennie McGrady is back and better than ever. Blackstone Publishing has picked up this best selling mystery series and they are all available as audio books and e-books.


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About the series . . .

The Jennie McGrady Mysteries have sold over 500,000 copies. This exciting, award winning series has enjoyed an over-whelming response from readers of all ages. As one reviewer said of Too Many Secrets, "I found an intriguing story that anyone--young or old, male or female--probably would not be able to put down."

Here's what fans are saying about the Jennie McGrady Mysteries:

"They're better than Nancy Drew!"

"I've never been much of a reader, but I love your books. I can't wait for the next one."

"They're great. Pat's books had my entire 6th grade class on the edge of their seats. They even voted to stay in for recess."

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Here is the original series in paperback, many of which are still available in print.

Too Many Secrets

Too Many Secrets

Jennie wants to find her missing father and only Gram can help her do it. But Gram has disappeared along with a million dollars worth of stolen diamonds. Jennie and her friend Ryan Johnson risk their lives to find Gram and clear her name.

Bethany House, $4.99 ISBN: 1-55661-331-8


Silent Witness

Silent Witness

1994 Edgar Nominee . . . Winner of the Silver Angel for Excellence in Media

Sarah hasn't spoken since she witnessed her father's murder two years ago. With dolphin therapy she's beginning to remember. But remembering too much could be deadly. Can Jennie find the killer before he gets to Sarah?

Bethany House, $4.99 ISBN: 1-55661-332-6





Dead roses and sinister phone calls convince Jennie to join forces with her cousin Lisa and Allison Beaumont, a Rose Festival Princess, to hunt down a dangerous stalker.

Bethany House, $4.99 ISBN: 1-55661-333-4





Jennie McGrady's search for her father lands her in hot water, and she's got to get out of Portland fast. Gram's response is a Caribbean cruise, where tropical breezes and endless beaches await. But danger follows Jennie to paradise and turns her dream vacation into a nightmare.

Bethany House, $4.99 ISBN: 1-55661-334-2


Without a Trace

Without a Trace

Jennie's little brother, Nick, has disappeared without a trace. Jennie must overcome her grief and find out what happened to him--even if the trail leads to a murderer.

Bethany House, $4.99 ISBN: 1-55661-558-2

Dying to Win

Dying to Win

A classmate is found beaten and left for dead and Jennie is determined to find out why. The clues she uncovers lead to a deadly game where money and drugs reign and the competition is lethal.

Bethany House, $4.99 ISBN 1-55661-559-0



Best Young Adult Mystery for 1996 (The Oregonian)

In Betrayed Jennie heads to Montana's Bitterroot mountains to help her aunt and uncle at Dancing Waters Dude Ranch and finds herself embroiled in a bitter feud that has killed one man and seriously injured another.

Bethany House, $4.99 ISBN: 1-55661-560-4


In Too Deep

In too Deep


In Book #8 of the Jennie McGrady Mysteries, Jennie's chemistry teacher is murdered. When a classmate is missing, Jennie becomes a suspect.

Bethany House, $4.99 ISBN: 1-55661-561-2

Over the Edge

Over the Edge


When Ryan's best friend, Todd, is arrested for the murder of his girlfriend, Jessica, Ryan calls on Jennie to help prove Todd didn't do it. But is he really innocent? Jennie isn't so sure. Her quest for justice could cost her everything . . . including Ryan.

Bethany House, $4.99 ISBN: 1-55661-562-0

From the Ashes

From the Ashes


From the Ashes finds Jennie in the midst of tragedy when her church and school are destroyed by fire. Was it a malicious act or a terrible accident? Jennie's determination to learn the truth is fraught with disappointments and danger.

Bethany House, $4.99 ISBN: 1-55661-563-9


Desperate Measures

Desperate Measures

Desperate Measures Jennie encounters an extreme animal rights group who release over 10,000 mink in Oregon. When the mink farmer ends up dead, Jennie must find the killer before her environmentalist friend Scott ends up in prison for the crime.

Bethany House, $4.99 ISBN: 07642-2080-2




When a school newspaper article announces that her classmate Annie Phillips was a trash-can baby, Jennie takes notice. Who would publish such horrible news? And in the wake of the recent murders of vocal pro-life advocates, Jennie wonders if there could be a connection.

Bethany House, $4.99 ISBN: 0-7642-2120-5




Jennie, managing to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, witnesses a bank robbery and is later abducted by the bank robbers and left for dead. More that anything she wants to identify them to police, but Jennie can't remember them and what's worse, remembering could prove deadly.

Bethany House, $4.99 ISBN: 0-7642-2121-3




A plane crash in the Central Oregon wilderness leaves Jennie's grandmother seriously injured. Jennie must brave blizzard conditions to go for help. Unfortunately, the help she finds threatens to put her and her Gram in even more danger.

Bethany House, $4.99 ISBN: 0-7642-2122-1


Grave Matters

Uncovering the Family Tree Spells Trouble For Jennie McGrady

Jennie is on the vacation of a lifetime—an extended trip to Ireland with Gram. Mary O’Donnell, Jennie’s great-grandmother, left a houseful of history and memories when she died three years ago. As Jennie begins to explore the family records, she uncovers some facts that don’t match up with what she’s been told. What eventually comes to the surface could change their lives forever. A strange coincidence...or sinister plot?

Bethany House, $4.99 ISBN: 0-7642-2123-X




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